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Luna Leaf
and purchase the fantasy fiction book.
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 Divine Guidance
(available in paperback, iBooks, Nook and more..)

Preview some of the information found inside the book
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Discover Your Personal Attributes

Smudging Ritual + Black Salt Recipe

Be the Change Meditation

Daily Healing Meditation

Color Magick

Candle Magick

Other chapters found inside the book include:
Divine Beings
(A-Z list of Gods/Goddesses/Angels + their associated attributes)
(A complete listing of Herbs + their healing properties)
How to Guide for Discovering Your Own Personal Attributes
Healing Meditations (with easy to understand instructions)
Birth Month Attributes (Gemstones, Animals and Trees)
Smudging (with easy to understand instructions)
An Extensive list of Gemstones by Intent
How to Properly Blending Essential Oils
Magickal Beings and their attributes
Performing Candle Magick
Working with Pendulums
Blessing Dolls DIY Craft
The art of Numerology
Ancient Runes
and Divination
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Be The Change
Wednesday evening World healing event.

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Free Reiki Life Force Healing

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Daily Healing Meditation
Complete instructions from the
 Divine Guidance book.


Inner Peace Meditation
Complete instructions from the
 Divine Guidance book.


Free Monthly Spiritual Guidance Reading
The free Spiritual Guidance readings began in January 2012.
A new monthly spiritual guidance reading is
posted inside the Faerie Cottage Facebook page
Spiritual Guidance Readings photo album
by the 7th day of each month.


Smudging + Simple Black Salt Recipe
Complete instructions from the
 Divine Guidance book.


Pixie Cottage DIY Craft
Complete instructions found inside the
 Luna Leaf book.


Blessing Doll DIY Craft
Complete instructions found inside both
the Luna Leaf and Divine Guidance books.


Elizabeth Angela's Faerie Art
the current artwork "Twilight Faerie" features the quote,
"Wishing Peace in Your Life, Love in Your Heart and Light to Guide Your Way." oElizabeth Angela .

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