Discovering Your
comes directly from the book
Divine Guidance
by Elizabeth Angela
2010, 2014, 2017, 2018
Please give proper credit for my work.
Thank you!

One afternoon, as I was writing this book, I had a vision that explained the importance of each person knowing their own attributes. As the vision came to an end, I preceded to create the Personal Attribute Chart. Taking this great journey of self-discovery will help you better understand yourself and your spiritual energy. Before you begin to create your own personal attribute chart, please consider the following advice:
It is of the utmost importance to honor yourself by knowing each of the attributes you list are truly associated to your spiritual character and energy.
Avoid listing attributes that are simply based on your favorite Gods, Goddesses, Angels, popularity, friends, mentors, etc.
You will find the greatest help by connecting and listening to your Spirit Guide and wisest natural intuition.
You will be confidant and have a sense of inner peace when you feel the connection between an attribute and yourself. When you feel this connection with an attribute, do research to find out as much as you can about it.
Don't feel discouraged if you're not ready to begin this exercise or are having trouble completing it. This is not a timed exercise - it is completely okay to take as many days, weeks or months as needed to complete your chart. Also, as you spiritually grow you may discover new attributes to add to your chart.

   The following questions will help you complete your Personal Attribute Chart.
Which ESP abilities do you truly possess?
What colors are consistently present in your Aura? Taking two or more aura photos, not on the same day, from a professional may help you to see your colors. Prior to each photo you will what to do a calming meditation and ask for the greatest truth to be seen.
Which Gemstones/Metals vibrate in harmony with your energy and personality?
Which Familiars (Animals/Insects/Birds) do you feel are true kindred spirits?
Which Trees/Woods vibrate in harmony with your energy and personality?
Which Herbs/Flowers vibrate in harmony with your spiritual energy?
Which Planets/Stars do you feel a strong spiritual connection to?
Which Element has the strongest presence in your natal astrology chart?
Which Sacred Months/Days (Seasons, Months and Days) represent something very special about who you are?
What Sacred Number(s) continue to repeat in your life? This number will have a very significant meaning and symbolism to you.
Dislikes: Which gemstones, metals, herbs, etc. that you simply are unable to work with. What behavior can you not accept or tolerate.
Astrology Signs: List your western zodiac sun sign and your eastern zodiac sign.

Below is my Personal Attribute Chart. It serves as an example of how a completed chart looks.

Spiritual Gifts/ESP Abilities: Shaman, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Precognitive
Aura Colors: Blue, Pink, White                                       
Gemstones/Metals: Rose Quartz, Ruby, Gold
Animals/Insects: Elephants, Fireflies                 
Birds: Bluebirds, Eagle Owl, Nightingales
Trees/Woods: Hazel, Willow                                              
Herbs/Flowers: Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Mint, Orange Blossom
Planet/Star: Moon, Orion                                
Elements: Air, Earth
Sacred Months/Days: Autumn, May 30
Sacred Numbers: Three
Dislikes: Selfishness, Distrust, Discord, Black Onyx, Copper
Astrology Signs: Taurus, Water Rat

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