Candle Magick
comes directly from the book
Divine Guidance
by Elizabeth Angela
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 A candle is one of the simplest and oldest ways to work with magick. A candle itself holds no real magickal abilities. It is simply an illumination tool used to help raise your energy to light the way for divine guidance and assistance during prayer, meditation, honoring divine beings, rituals, shamanic journeys and energy work.

 Many people charge candles with energy for specific intent by inscribing symbols, runes and the written word into the wax. Once inscribed, a specific oil blend may be used to anoint the candle if it is not already scented.  Below you will find simple instructions on how to do basic candle magick.

•A Candle (Read over the Color Magick chapter if you need help selecting the candle color.)
•A Candle Carving Pin or a Crystal Point
•Lighter or Matches

•Anointing oil for unscented candles. (Read over the Herbology and Essential Oils chapters if you are unsure about which oil to select or create.)

•To Begin, select the proper color candle that coordinates with the work you are doing. 
•Carve words or ancient symbols into the candle to spell out your intent.
•One word of warning: It is important to be sure that your written and/or spoken request harms none, is for the greatest good and takes nobody's freewill away. Keep in mind, everything you put out does return.
•Anoint the candle by applying a thin layer of a blended oil over the entire candle. 
•Place the candle in the room with you on a safe surface such as; the center of a clutter free table or altar.
•Light the candle.
•Spend at least fifteen minutes in meditation or prayer to connect with higher powers.
•Mentally and/or verbally send your request for assistance, guidance or healing.
•Don't blow out the candle. Keep it lit and within your sight until the wick completely burns out on its own.
•Discard in the trash or bury any remaining wax once the wick is completely cool to the touch.

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