Color Magick
comes directly from the book
Divine Guidance
by Elizabeth Angela
(c)2010, 2015, 2017
Please give proper credit for my work.
Thank you!

We perceive color just as we perceive taste. Our taste buds sense four attributes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Similarly, when we look at a scene, our visual nerves register color in terms of their attributes and the brightness. 

  Thru the Ages symbolic representations of color has been use for various religious and cultural concepts. It is this perception that ultimately defines our use of color in life and magick. For example: some people choose a green candle for financial matters because a dollar bill is green, while others choose a yellow candle because gold is yellow.

  The following is my perception of color in reference to magickal intentions. 

Goddess, God, Illumination, Divine Guidance, Protection, Shielding

Requited Love, Soulmate, Kindness, Trust, Healing the Heart, Self-respect

Courage, Bravery, Honor, Loyalty, Fast Movement, Physical Healing, Passion, Fire Energy,
Element of Fire

Spiritual Communication, Angels, Visions, Psychic Protection

Meditation, Relaxation, Peaceful Rest,Vision Dreams

Court, Business Matters, Communication, Law, Peace,
Element of Water

Harmony, Nature, Healing the Heart,
Element of the Earth

Financial Security, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity,
Element of Wind

Emotional Healing, Balance, Inner Strength, Personal Power, Creativity

Grounding, Focus on Life, Nature

Banishing, Closure, Honor Grief, Releasing, Shielding, Guardian Protection

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