Inner Peace
comes directly from the book
Divine Guidance
by Elizabeth Angela
©2010, 2014, 2017, 2018
Please give proper credit for my work.
Thank you!

 The Inner Peace Meditation was spiritually gifted to me during a 'Be the Change' World healing meditation. There are three steps you take during this meditation; Truth, Healing and Peace. The details of each step are found in the instruction below. Before beginning, it's important to be free of daily stresses, anxiety and negativity... for this reason the optimal time to begin the Inner Peace Meditation is after you have completed the Daily Healing Meditation. 

•Pillar Candle (Read over the Color Magick chapter if you need help selecting the candle color.)
•Lighter or Matches

•Anointing Oil for unscented candles. (Read over the Herbology and Essential Oils chapters if you are unsure about which oil to select or create.)
•Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Garnet, Jet and Crystal Point

•Place the candle in the room with you on a safe surface such as; the center of a clutter free table or altar.
•Light the candle.
•Sit in a comfortable position with your leg crosses if possible. 
•If using a Crystal Point, place it in front of you. It will amplify the positive energy field around you.
•If using the Rose Quartz, Garnet and/or Jet you may either hold them in your hands or place them in from of you with the Crystal Point.
•If you choose not to use the gemstones, place your hands palm side up on your knees.  
•Close your eyes, then take in and release a couple deep breaths.
•Visualize your body is surrounded by a blue light of peace and white light of protection.
•Feel your shoulders relax and calm your mind. 
•As your body falls into a state of relaxation, feel the energy of peace and protection around you.
•Allow your spirit to guide you to the specific memory of the life event you're desiring to emotional healing from. 
•Once you've connected to the memory, then take the three steps - one by one - to assist you in releasing the emotional pain and/or frustration you experience from the life event.
TRUTH - This first step is about taking ownership for your actions and not blaming yourself for that which was truly out of your control. You can't begin to heal until you know and face the whole truth of the specific experience.
HEALING - This second step is about honoring the healing process by not rushing thought it. For anyone to truly heal from an experience, one must explore to find real understanding of the event. Once you understand why the event happened, you can then discover what lessons there are to be learned.
PEACE - This third step is about finding and embracing inner peace after releasing the emotional burdens caused from this experience. Forgive yourself and others involved. This doesn't mean you forget or allow the wrong people back into your life. We forgive to find peace within - you forgive for yourself. This way the event that caused pain can no longer have control over you and your future happiness.
•Once you feel a release from the memory it is time to end the meditation, open your eyes and blow out the candle.
•Desire to have a healthy mind, body and spirit - and you shall!
•Take a moment to give thanks for the blessings in your life.

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