comes directly from the book
Divine Guidance
by Elizabeth Angela
(c)2010, 2015, 2017
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 The following smudging ritual was gifted to me in a vision by my Spirit Guide. Over the years I've shared it with family, friends and clients so they could also free their homes and businesses of negativity.

•A White Sage Bundle
•Lighter or Matches
•One White Chime or Votive Candle for illumination
•Choose from or use a combination of; *Garnet, Kyanite or Citrine
  *Garnet, Kyanite and Citrine gemstones were selected because they protect and shield us from negativity without accumulating it. The number of stones you purchase is dependent to how many entry/exit doors exist in the home. Example: You need three stones if the home has a front door, a back door and a door leading to your garage. The stones you use need to be small enough to fit securely over the frame above each door. You may also add additional gemstones, herbs and charms over your doors and windows for added protection and comfort as needed.

•Place the candle in the center of your home on a safe surface such as; the center of a clutter free table or altar.
•Light the candle.
•Say aloud; "May the light of universal peace and love fill this home as I remove all negativity that dwells within."
•At the front door light the sage bundle and open the door. Allow the smoke from the burning sage to fill the spaces around the door hinge. 
•Close the door and place one of the stones on the ledge above the door.
•As you hold the stone in place say aloud; "this stone protects this home!" 
•Leave the stone in place and remove your hand.
•Now turn away from the door and imagine a large black magnetic ball in front of you. This ball will collect all of the negative energy as you walk through each room.
•Allow the smoke from the sage to assist you in driving all negativity out of the house.
•If there are additional doors in the home, not included the back door, smudge them with the smoke of the sage bundle and place a stone on the ledge above the door.
•As you hold the stone in place say aloud; "this stone protects this home!"
•Leave the stone in place and remove your hand.
•Once you have visited all the rooms in the home, head to the back door.
•Open the back door and push the black energy ball outside.   
•Say aloud; "I give this negative energy to the higher powers of creation. May it be transformed into positive energy for the greatest good." 
•Allow the smoke from the sage to fill the spaces around the door hinge and then close the door. 
•Take the last stone and place it on the ledge above the door.              
•As you hold the stone in place say aloud; "this stone protects this home!"
•Leave the stone in place and remove your hand.
•Snuff out the sage stick in a cast iron cauldron or heat resistance surface.
•Allow the stick to sit in a safe place until it is completely cooled off, then it may be stored for use in the future.
•Discard in the trash or bury any remaining wax from the white illumination candle once the wick burns completely out and is no longer warm to the touch. 
In addition to smudging you can do the following:
•Sprinkle sea salt around the outside of the house along the property line. This is done to keep out negative energy. Begin on the north side of the house. Walk clockwise, sprinkling the sea salt on the ground until the circle is completed. It's up to you to decided on the color of the salt. Traditionally black salt is used, but I've achieved the same successful results when using both white and pink salts.
•If you enjoy gardening, then consider planting herbs and flowers that provide additional protection. When making your selections, be sure they flow in harmony with the energy of everyone living in the home and won't cause any allergic reactions.

  There are many recipes for creating black salt, but today we're going to keep it simple. One of the first magickal recipes I learned was how to craft this simple recipe - the most popular and widely used methods for creating basic black salt for use in magickal practices and recipes.

•2 Cup of Fine Sea Salt
•1 Piece of Black Charcoal
•Mortar & Pestle
•Large Mixing Bowl
•Storage Bags

•Place the charcoal inside the mortar.
•Use the pestle to crush the charcoal into a fine powder.
•Combine the salt and crushed charcoal inside the large mixing bowl.
•Use the spoon to blend the coal and salt together.
•Store in a storage bag until ready to use.

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