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The free Spiritual Guidance readings began in January 2012. From the beginning I decided instead of asking a general question to base the reading on, I would request this... please gift me foresight that will help spiritually guide everyone who reads this page.

My interpretation of this months reading is posted below. Keep in mind that the reading is meant to play-out over the period of one month. I suggest reading over it at the beginning, middle and end of each month, to see how it relates to the events in your life over this period of time.

I will continue to bring you a new monthly spiritual guidance reading and have it posted on-line by the seventh day of each month, so be sure to bookmark this page. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook 

Wishing everyone peace in your life, love in your heart and light to guide your way.   
Elizabeth Angela  

October 2017
Spiritual Guidance Reading
Four Card "Balancing Act" Tarot Spread

You This card shows you something that you need to know about yourself in this situation.
(Queen of Cups) The Queen of Cups is guided by instincts and is attuned to the frequency of higher energies. She finds joy in communication with kindred spirits. She heads her intuition and follows her heart.

Creating This card shows what is in the process of being created/manifested.
(Page of Pentacles) The Page of Pentacles comes bearing a message of opportunity for growth and prosperity. The energy to create comes from being practical, reflecting before action, trustworthiness, diligence, studiousness and embracing scholarship.

Destroying This card shows you what is in the process of being destroyed/ending.
(Five of Wands) The Five of Wands symbolizes an uphill struggle of living obstacles - feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and as the things you need to be okay are just out of your reach.

Wind This card shows you the external environment that effects the situation.
(Two of Cups) The Two of Cups is all about making a soulmate connection, a perfect union, a balanced partnership. Like the harmonious swirl of a yin-yang, the connection unites the two to form one trunk... the two coexist in perfect harmony while retaining that which makes them uniquely themselves.


Divine Guidance Destiny Card: #7  Heart-Mind
Learning to operate from the heart is one of the single most important things we can do. It is now time to activate your heart chakra to its fullest potential. Spirit is asking that you take time to sit within the energy of your heart. Learn to breathe thought your heart while you meditate by focusing your breath in your heart. Fell the loving energy you inhale and allow it to fill you. Let each exhale also be love-filled, and feel this love filling the space around you. Through this daily exercise, you become one with your heart-mind operating fully from a place of love.

Suggested Gemstones To Wear or Carry: 
is a "Stone of Happy Dreams and Changes". The happy dreams arising from the understanding of personal higher potentials coupled with the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. The happy changes emanate from those events and situations which allow ones aspirations to surface. It helps one to recognize and to feel the creativity within is within the self, providing inspiration and imagination to all situations. 

Additional Suggestions:
 -At least once a month it's a good idea to Smudge your home, and also if possible your work space, from negativity.
 -You may find healing meditations most beneficial to help you release anxieties and frustrations, so you can better focus on the important things going on in your life and our realm.

A general remember I hope everyone takes to heart... We're accountable for all of our actions. No matter how much you like someone or want to be part of a group, you must never turn a blind eye to unacceptable, abusive or destructive behavior.

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